Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Born Pretty Eyelashes + Ageha Renewal Arrived!

I decided to buy some cheap fluttery false eyelashes from eBay; The box says 'Born Pretty', and the listing title was "5 Pairs/Box Volume Criss Cross False Eyelash Thick Long Tail Fake Eye Lash #D002"from beauties_1salon. I ordered on the 14th of March and it arrived on the 10th of April, within the estimated delivery dates. They cost £2.46, so around 50p per pair of lashes.

I actually had my doubts whether they would be 'gal' when I bought them, but thought they might look a little like extreme lash extensions and just fancied giving them a go!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Easter back home

I went back to my home-town for a week during the Easter holidays and had the time to do a couple of colourful makeup looks that've been on my misson list for a little while. :D

Also got two Sleek i-Divine palettes on eBay~ Sleek is definitely one of my favourites, especially for eyeshadow! Jewels is all sparkly and Bohemian has a mix of shiny and matte colours. The one on the bottom right of Bohemian is sooo cool. It looks like a fairly plain grey/taupe colour but there's a hint of purple in there, too! It makes a good slightly unusual neutral shade. ♡

Sleek Bohemian and Sleek Jewels

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Today's Challenges!

Hey, everyone! Wow, I guess being addicted to meiku me, having essay/exam prep that needs doing, and having the Easter holidays words wonders for blogging. :P

Shiny lashes... orz

So as I said, I was meant to be studying, but I just woke up from a nap instead! One of the (wonderful) downfalls of not wearing lenses is you can just take a nap if you feel like it!

My missions for today:
  1. Do makeup, but don't take too long (I ended up taking an hour which isn't terrible but not amazing either XD)
  2. Attempt gal makeup without lenses
  3. Curl my hair (in a style inspired by another メイクme user with short hair. I comment on her picture and she said she wanted to see my hair style as well. >3<)

This was directly after I did my makeup, so the lip colour was still fresh. I had cherry pie for breakfast before doing the hair so the colour is more lived-in in the later pics. X3

The main components of the look were matte palette + metallic primer for eyeshadow, and Barry M lipstick with Milani gloss over it.

After I did my hair.  ♡ I curled the front bit upwards away from my face and pinned before curling the rest inwards. (Apologies for the roomwear 姿, haha.)

When I noticed the pin wasn't behaving as I wanted it to (ugh!), I took it out to adjust and I think the style ended up looking a bit Belle-like!

Well, it was far from perfect, but I'm glad I bothered to try anyway. XD
I feel really self-conscious about my eyes when I attempt gyaru makeup / put false lashes on without lenses. I feel like my irises are pretty small for the size of my eyes as it is! XD

What do you think? Hit or miss? If anyone has any pointers, I would be happy to hear them!

P.S.: Sorry for the uneven lighting! I live in a basement room so it's pretty dim. u_u 
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