Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bristol mini meet!

Went for a teeny-tiny mini-meet in Bristol on Thursday, with Amélie and Beth! The train was about 20 minutes late, so I took photos while I was waiting:

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Firmoo discount code (first-come, first-served!)

.... And, er, hi! Long time, no see. ^^;;;; My last post (before uni') was a Firmoo one, and I planned to post when the glasses arrived, but I never got round to posting, well... anything. Oops!

Anyway, Firmoo are doing both an Easter discount (on these styles; sooner you buy, bigger the discount; today it's 60% apparently!) AND giving out $30 discount codes on THESE frames. The code works 5 times; I'm just going to post it under the cut, so it's first-come, first-served!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Firmoo- 40% Discount and FREE Shipping! :)

I just ordered three new pairs of glasses~ :D

Firmoo are celebrating their fourth anniversary with 40% off EVERYTHING and free shipping. :)

The offer ends on the 8th of September, so check it out soon!

Below are pictures of the glasses I've bought and approximate discounts!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Simple makeup x 2 plus Glastonbury!

29/07/13- Karaoke with Hetty!

Makeup: Diamond Lash Celeb Eye; beige glitter liner underneath eyes. I realised recently that there's just not been enough glitter in my life recently!

Although it was a while before we started karaoke (visited the 'new' Asian supermarket and ate at Obento first), I had a pre-drink of Crabbie's Raspbery Ginger Beer in the car. Wish I'd had another pre-drink later as it's definitely more fun to do karaoke with alcohol..! XD

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Completely random post (face masks + Satomin)

I've been an awful blogger, and I'm sorry but I just don't care that much. XD I've been working really hard (my 'main' job ends tomorrow and I will be delighted to leave!) and from now I've got a month to prepare for university. (Also really into anime lately and need to pick up on my Japanese study outside of watching anime, haha~ X3)

I'll also be going on holiday with my friends for a week in September, but as my BF got onto the access course he wanted to do (yay!), he can't come with us..! ;_; It's a shame as we were really looking forward to it and it means one less week spent together before I go.

Possibly as a result of the heat and sweatiness, perhaps stress, or something else entirely, I've been really spotty this summer. Although of course it didn't get rid of everything in one go, I did a couple of face masks yesterday which felt amazing! :D I did:

Green clay + tea tree: You're generally supposed to just let it dry but I decided to read for a bit and then had a nice doze. XD
Washed the clay mask off with a warm flannel then lightly steamed my face.
Wiped it with a bit of rose water.

Then, a few hours later, I did a simple yogurt mask, including my neck and décolletage (using the Onken fat free stuff my BF brought home for our yummy dinner), watched Free! (very important ;P) then removed it, again with warm water, then applied more rose water. My skin felt great after both stages, but I also applied a little tea tree oil topically before bed as well.

Hopefully if I can do this a few more times (every 3 days or so), it will make a real difference to the texture of my skin, if not the spots and any blemishes as well..! :D

Lizzie asked in one of the gal groups recently about Satomi Yakuwa's eyelashes, and I found a couple of interesting pages while looking..!

Firstly, the page I linked on the post, a entry from Satomin's blog collecting together different eyelash/eyemakeup combinations! As well as false lashes, there are posts about her eyebrow makeup and eyeshadow, too (and glimpses of some very cute nail art)!

Second, there is this post of pics of Satomin from 2008!

イメージ 15イメージ 6イメージ 3

Her past style is super cute, right?!

イメージ 5イメージ 7イメージ 2

But I think she has matured really well, too. ♥

Maybe I'm old haha, but I've noticed over the past couple of years that women don't actually look (or feel) their best in their late teens, even if that is meant to be when they're most appealing. XD

Final note: People always talk badly of multitasking while eating your dinner, but I think if it's something that requires you to use your hands (e.g. blogging, or reading a newspaper with limited space so you can't just plonk it down), it can really help you to slow down and feel fuller..! :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

New shoosh, shiny shoosh!

(^^^ Er, it's from an old advert, haha.)

While servicing a room at work, I saw that the guest had some gorgeous Kurt Geiger shoes, so I decided to look them up online and see if I could get myself a pair. XD I thought as they were made with transparent plastic and jewel embellished, there was a good chance they would currently be on sale, and I was right! :D

The official site didn't have them in my size and colour of choice, so I bought them from John Lewis, along with a new Mavala top coat and some white 'back to school' shirts.

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