Monday, 29 June 2015

eBay False Eyelash Comparison- Diamond Lash dupe packaging (月プリンセスつけまつげ)

The other day, I wanted to try out the false lashes I got for my birthday, so I took some quick comparison shots! I didn't have time to compare side-by-side and only put them on one eye, but I hope it's useful if you're considering getting any of them! ♡

Details under the cut~

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Late birthday haul! XD

This is my 200th published post!! Whooo! :D

I have quite a lot of drafts lined up so I'll try to publish those over the summer. :)

Since I'm back in my hometown, I've now got access to the things that were put away for my birthday. I didn't want much as I'd rather have some money for Japan, so it's just a few little things mostly from eBay. ♡

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Holika Holika 'Baby Silky Foot' foot peel review

A while ago, I read a republished article on Refinery29 about Baby Foot Foot Peel and really wanted to give it a go! Since I did an internship Feb-March, I still had some left-over thick skin and a blister mark on my heel from being on my feet so much. Despite this, I don't think I have excessively thick skin.

After looking on both eBay and Amazon, I decided to try the Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot.

Below are my opinions as well as actual foot pictures, so if you're not too squeamish about feet or peeling skin, click through to read the review!

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