Friday, 19 July 2013

Aimerfeel UK Lingerie Site! (pic heavy)

Wah, I'm sorry it's been a while..! I wanted to post pics from my trip to London but the BF is currently in possession of them. u3u So instead I have a little store review for you!

At the gal meet, I discovered that Aimerfeel has a UK site! I decided to check it out and made an order on the 9th of July! I ordered these three items:


(Click pics for links!)

I also ordered a couple of bras from Boux Avenue on the 10th, and both parcels arrived on the 11th!

Well~ the Boux order was fine, but there were a few problems with the Aimerfeel one. ^^;; The middle set was in blue instead of pink, which was the first thing I noticed, so I used the Contact page on their website to leave an enquiry. Next, I realised that they'd sent me the wrong type of underwear with the black x purple bra, and the wrong size underwear for the pink set! So I quickly informed them of this as well. I must have sent the messages at around 1:30 or so, but, not expecting a quick reply, I didn't check my email before heading to work for the evening.

When I finished work, I noticed I had a text from Aimerfeel asking me to check my inbox. I had received two messages, one around 2:40 just apologising and one an hour later, saying they had all the right items and asking if I would rather pay a little more to keep the incorrect items rather than sending them back. Since it's much more convenient that way, I agreed!

Cerise and black pleated set. The briefs have an awesome 'lace up' bit at the back! :) This also comes with some ribbon-y halter straps, but I've temporarily misplaced them. XD

Black pinstripe and purple lace! With brief and thong. XD


 Seems well-made and room for padding if you want/need it!


Both the briefs and thong have a similar dip-down style at the front with lace. Brief has cute bows either side! Back is fairly simple.

I wasn't sure how the purple pattern would be made, so I was interested to discover that it's woven in and out, but in elastic, so it will stretch to the same degree as the rest of the clothing! 


Instead of bows on the front, it has one central bow on the back. I love that the triangle is bordered with the same purple woven design. ♥

Below are both the pink and blue versions of the 'Jazz' set!

Looks and feels like a swimsuit..! XD I would wear this on a day when you're likely to have a water fight, haha. Comes with a patterned tie-up halter strap. :D I like the way the cup has a little corner where it attaches to the straps (just below the bow). Finishing on the inside of both is a teensy bit rough but absolutely fine for the price! I actually thought the colours of the pink set would be a little less vibrant (a little more 'onee'), but I really love the turquoise-y mint!


Hooks are in a matching colour!

 This is what the straps look like both attached (they go on the same hook, but it's not too much of a squeeze.

Overall I'm absolutely delighted with the products and the service. Tracey's replies were very quick and polite! I'm still hoping the 'Add to Cart' button will reappear for the zippy leopard print bra set so I will probably order again. :)

Here's a quick look at my Boux bras as well!


 Finally, here is a simple coordinate I wore when the pink 'jazz' bra arrived!


  1. Oh la la! Very sexy! I bought some aimerfeel lingerie a while back and I love their push-ups. ^_^

    <3 Sachiko

    1. Yeah, they seem really good! Did you get any of the front closure ones? I'm curious about them because I have a thing for magnetic clasps, haha! So much fun to play with. <3 Then again maybe it's not a good idea to have a bra that's fun to play with. :P


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