Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Simple makeup x 2 plus Glastonbury!

29/07/13- Karaoke with Hetty!

Makeup: Diamond Lash Celeb Eye; beige glitter liner underneath eyes. I realised recently that there's just not been enough glitter in my life recently!

Although it was a while before we started karaoke (visited the 'new' Asian supermarket and ate at Obento first), I had a pre-drink of Crabbie's Raspbery Ginger Beer in the car. Wish I'd had another pre-drink later as it's definitely more fun to do karaoke with alcohol..! XD

31/07/13- ZaZa Bazaar and cinema (Despicable Me 2) with Jim-dear!


Upper lashes are Diamond Lash Celeb Eye again; featuring pink glitter eyeliner on upper line and beige/nude glitter liner below the irises. :)

02/08/13- Mini road trip to Glastonbury!

The guys had pasties, but I went for a Cornetto soft? whippy? ice cream! They came in cartridges, which are then pressed into the cone. It was my first time having one, and really yummy, but sadly the cone didn't have the chocolate inner coating (IMO probably the best thing about Cornettos and the best type of ice cream cone ever!).

Cool dragon statue next to a lovely stone shop! Of course, Glastonbury has lots of connections to Paganism, etc, but I didn't realise it was such a great area for that kind of thing! :D Here is the little altar-thingy at the front of the aforementioned shop:

In another place (my receipt says Star Child, but I don't recall that being on the sign), I bought a Tree Wisdom oil perfume called Silver Fir. It's supposed to bring hope and abundance! But I didn't really go through the options and choose it as such; it was probably the second one I looked at but I just couldn't focus on anything else and I knew I had to have it. It does smell gorgeous for several hours, though!

Speaking of gorgeous-smelling, look at these candles!

I didn't buy any, but aren't they beautiful? I'd definitely consider getting them next time I see them. ♥


There was an art shop with these incredible posters! They had the whole of The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland and Beatrix Potter collections written in tiny, but legible, text and forming an appealing picture you can hang up on your wall. :) Seeing it like that really does make you wonder how they can make The Hobbit into three films, though! XP

They also had paintings (lots of hares, butterflies, a few seals (or perhaps selkies), a mouse riding a bat) and some beautiful photography:

I'd love to go back and stay for a few days in Glastonbury; I had no idea there was somewhere similar to Cornwall so close to home! If I lived there, I would definitely be a spiritual person. *-* ♥


  1. those pictures look amazing~

    1. Thanks for commenting~ :D You mean the framed photographs? Breathtaking. *_*

  2. Ohh your trip was very interesting, the paintings are awesome, I'm a lover of candles I had bought them all! Your blog is wonderful I really liked I subscribe! by the way I really liked how it looks with your makeup glitter eyeliner is so cute * - * where I live there are no places like that!. i hope more entries and keep reading all of the above!


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